Essential (New York City) lessons

1. Never underestimate the person next you – People will always surprise you

2. Toughen up – Or people will run over you

3. Try not to get too attached to anyone- Sooner or later, people for whatever reason, have to, choose to, bottom line.. leave!

4. Never think you’ll get a cab when it rains – You wont

5. In contrast to what you’ve might have been taught, actually do talk to strangers- The stranger can turn out to become your close friend

6. Even if you get 1, 2, 3 or 1000 no’s, continue – if you stick around and try hard enough, you will get your yes (applicable in basically any situation, nothing is indeed impossible)

7. Forget the word predictable- Not a single day in the city is

8. Don’t be scared of being weird- There’s at least someone waay weirder a block away from you (naked, dancing, talking, jumping, with a mask, without a mask, walking on hands, walking barefoot, hysterically laughing (alone), crying, screaming … well you get the point)

9. Embrace and be grateful to your Delhi guy- he will never disappoint you and he will always be around

10. Do everything at once & prepare yourself for missing the city the second you leave it- Cause you will miss it, all of it, (and # 3 may at some point be applicable to yourself)


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